First Form Latin 

This class prepares the student for the high school level Henle First Year Latin text.  By utilizing the First Form Latin text and workbook, published by Memoria Press, the student begins mastering the Latin grammar.  First Form students are usually somewhere between 6th and 8th grade. Ideally, students complete both First and Second Form Latin before beginning Henle. 

Those students coming into Henle after completing First Form (and Second Form, if possible), excel in the high school level text. Having already memorized many of the forms and much of the vocabulary, their energy is freed up to concentrate on translation work.  The Henle text requires translating from the very start; this being a higher-level thinking skill, it requires more energy and focus on the part of the student. The student that has forms and vocabulary memorized is able to devote the energy to the development of that thinking and application skill.  (This being one of the great benefits of studying Latin!)

Younger students who begin with Henle tend to be overwhelmed with memorizing the forms, vocabulary, and grammar rules and applying all that to the task of translating.  The Form series sets them up for success, which in turn aids their esteem for the subject. More details can be found at PREP Classes.