A little information about the Study Guides/Companions.  Because the Henle texts are designed to be used in such a way that the student must switch back and forth between text and grammar to find important information, I set out to encapsulate all the information necessary for each lesson together in one place. Does that mean you do not need the text book?  There are a couple of reasons you should own a copy of the text.  First, it would be impossible to know which exercises go with each lesson without looking at the text, unless you have a syllabus that clearly states which exercises are assigned with each lesson.  (I do have one of these available in the Bonus Materials section.)  Secondly, there is an alphabetical index of all the vocabulary in the back of the First Year Latin text.  Some students find this to be the easiest and fastest way of looking up words.  I do include Word Lists in each Companion set forth by lesson numbers.  I also have a vocabulary list available for free downloading that comprises all, or almost all, of the vocabulary in First Year Latin.  This downloadable list is organized by part of speech, and then alphabetically.  If this would suffice for your student, then the text may not be essential.

 The Henle Latin Grammar is definitely necessary, however.  Even though I have combined the information for each lesson in the pages of the Companions, the Latin Grammar contains so much information.  It is designed and written to be used through all four volumes of Henle’s texts (First, Second, Third, and Fourth Latin).  Its index makes finding grammar rules simple and quick.  I still refer to it all the time.

 Do you have questions that I have not addressed here?  Please use the contact form and let me know.  I’m very happy to answer them and will do so as quickly as I can.