Latin 1 with Henle First Year Latin

Students with or without previous Latin are welcome to join this class.  Following the Henle course, we begin our study with Nouns, Adjectives, and move into Verbs.  The mission of the class is mastery.  We will proceed at a pace that allows the student time to memorize and master each concept as we go.  We make it our ambition to complete Unit 5, the Passive Voice, this year. However, each class year is different and we sometimes end our year a little farther ahead of that goal, and sometimes on the heel of it.   

Students are expected to develop for themselves study habits that aid their mastery of the material. Parents partner with their student to help with time management and see that each week's assignments are completed before we meet in our live class.  Some assignments are completed on paper, while others are completed online.  We will develop a routine so that students know what is expected each week and how to best be prepared.  

There is more detailed information at the PREP Classes website, which is the organization through which I teach.  We are a group of teachers in Houston that offer high-level academic classes to homeschool families, both on-campus and online.